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She yells for someone as she opens the door and enters a home.Once inside, the camera goes black but the audio can still be heard as the woman screams for help.A woman in a pink hat ran up to the ambulance and a man paced outside the emergency room speaking on the phone.A little before 4 p.m., family members and friends in a large group stood outside the hospital, some hugging each other, when a woman suddenly ran across the parking lot in tears.As of Monday afternoon, more than 220,000 people around the world were watching the live Giraffe Cam, eagerly expecting the moment April’s calf enters the world.

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”Park representatives also said they’d provide a picture of April’s “current mammary developments” in the post’s comments. The 15-year-old giraffe’s pregnancy became an unexpected source of controversy: the livestream, which began in February, was briefly removed from You Tube due to nudity and sexual content.“There are some people who fundamentally disagree with what we do here, keeping animals in captivity,” Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said Friday on Good Morning America.

The text alert will be sent “hours in advance of the media press releases,” a park spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

The park also sells giraffe emoji and April-branded merchandise, like T-shirts and sweatshirts.

In a shooting caught on Facebook Live, a 2-year-old boy and a 26-year-old man were killed and a pregnant woman was wounded when a gunman opened fire as they drove down an alley in Lawndale on Tuesday afternoon, authorities said."Call 911! In the video, the couple are singing along to music when several shots are fired at the car.

I have a bullet in my stomach," the woman screams as she runs from the car and into a house in the 2300 block of South Kenneth Avenue around p.m."Please, please, I can't breathe," she says. I can't go."Seconds earlier, the woman had been posting video on Facebook Live as she drove with her boyfriend at her side and the toddler, Lavontay White Jr., in the backseat.

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