Computer dating cartoon who is tony parker dating

Initially for the ZX81, the game was soon available for the Spectrum, and because of the prize, became a best seller.

To anyone who could solve the game, and from the clues therein, be at a given place at a given time, would win the Golden Sundial of Pi, allegedly worth 6000.00.

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The decision making and the communication is up to you.

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The Pi Man was probably the first cult cartoon game hero.We don't believe you should spend hours filling out forms to find your dating match online.What can the results of a form tell you that you can't already judge for yourself?The copyright on this music is, as yet, unknown, as Automata are no longer trading.So, in keeping with the Automata's spirit of spreading happiness and joy, I have placed a small clip of one of the tracks for download. ;-)As time passed and the sundial had still not being won, a few magazines, C&VG amongst them, began to insinuate that there never was a prize, and that it was all for publicity. Could a company dedicated to entertaining us, really want to rip us off ?

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