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But there is no implication that the people are getting together for anything other then to meet and have an good time. I was presented this concept in oppostion to my Spanish professor’s experience in the US.

There is no implication of anything to come after the gathering or implications for advancement of “the relationship” to the next step. When men asked her out, they never seemed to do so just to gather.

As for the legal matters, it works very similar to the UK.

The first step is for the couple to register their intentions at the local registry office.

The registry office will need to see proof of your identity, age and nationality.

You will also need to provide proof of residency if one or both of you are not Spanish nationals.

Trying not to think about being in a society that if a man buys dinner, heck even a cup of coffee, he has not bought “you” (especially interesting in a culture when a man can legally buy a women’s time–but that is another blog).

So to the female readers of this blog, do you have male friends who you can just hang out with.

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There is a big cultural difference between the US and Spain regarding men and women asking each other out for a “date”.Actually, linguistically there is no way to ask someone out for a date.You can ask someone for “una cita” or a “quedamos”–both ways of expressing “to meet”.On the other hand, when it is clear that two people do indeed like each other and are attracted to each other you can “pedir salir” (ask to go out).This is a situation where it is known the people are attracted to each other and are going to hangout.

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