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You are right to emphasize relaxation, but incorrect in your rationale. last night was different though I actually felt a body beside me that wrapped their arms around me and started to squeeze and I couldnt breath, couldnt scream, couldnt open my eyes, couldnt move.I would encourage you to follow the links I included in my response above to find out scientifically why sleep paralysis occurs, because it is quite capable of being explained objectively through observation. I tried to fall asleep n I feel myself slipping away, almost like I'm fainting. then my sister came into my room and I snapped out of it gasping.I get to a point where I fell all weird in my brain, than I just slip away, into a state of paralysis. sucks Hi Megan, You should be glad to know that you're not alone in this.

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I felt like as soon as that happened, I fell right back into the paralysis, and then eventually became unfrozen.I feel like I'm awake, but I want to rationalize it by calling it a dream. I feel pressure on me, and I absolutely can't move.I am currently living in the dorms at school, and have experienced this about 3-4 times since I moved in.He also said that this problem usually fades away as you get older so I'm not really worried.I hope my story and imformation helped some of you and good luck.

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