Juego de tronos 1x09 baelor online dating

Jaime sacked another castle apparently but which one? There is a shot where Euron is attacking some one on the ship, I'll put in spoiler tag because it's too big, Check it out. And Euron's fleet had arrive in KL's port the 1000 ships Euron promised us. Jaime is going to die Talking about Jaime who is this person who is lying down/Killed? That voice over of Sansa in the end makes me think that Jon is going to die (again) although that might be what they want us to think. Bran in a wheelchair with better clothes means he did make it to the Wall. I've read some specs that say it's OHMYGOSH HOLD UP. Based on the theory that the Starks are linked to the magic that helped build the wall. Then, when the hand of the king dies, and Robert Baratheon rides north to Winterfell, Jon knows the dream didn't mean nothing.And then there's the growing question of his mother.

I thought for something now, may be with the return of Bran and Arya, Sansa will decide that Jon's eligibility to be king has ended as Bran is a TRUE Stark now. Hey, Jon what brings you the other side of the wall? I don't know what will happen first South then North or he'll go North then South again However, the good news is if this is South may be it's LK and ... There comes Tyrion's role, he knew every single secret passage in CR and the sewers, now Dany with out much effort can take the Lannister's lair and pin her dragon flag high on it to piss off Cersei and also kill some lannisters who helped taking down her father and murdered her nephew and niece and her father as well. That trailer gave me a vibe that it's certainly Jon vs. There was a shot where he has Longclaw and kills a WW and also on top of some cliff with the wights gaining on him. There's a shot of Grey Worm in armor and it looks like the Unsullied attack Casterly Rock through the water. Also another shot of Theon in battle and Yara is there and it looks like they might be looking at dragons?

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