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The application materials for this type of fellowship varies-some require detailed research proposals while others require a statement of research interests.Because of this, it is still a good idea to research these positions up to a year in advance of your application.The University Health Services Center is located at 55 Lock Street.This is your online resource for information on different types of postdoctoral positions, ecological postdoctoral positions, research fellowships, teaching fellowships, research positions and other useful links.The Yale Health Plan Both postdoctoral fellows and associates are eligible for health insurance through the university.The main health insurance plan is the Yale Health Plan.If you are posting multiple positions, please complete the online request submission form for each position.

Postdoctoral research positions provide a salary and funding to work on a specific project.With this type of fellowship, the host institution is the same as the granting agency.You will need to contact potential advisors within the institution that is providing the fellowship.Enrollment in Yale’s benefit plans is done completely online.To access the enrollment site, click on Workday from It’s Your Yale website.

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