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I could go out to gigs and stuff and then tell him what's popping," he said. "I don't feel protective - he's smart and savvy enough not to need a protector," he explained."I'd like him to make the title official."He also guest hosts Grimmy becomes a tabloid fixture, with plenty of attention paid to his friendships with the likes of Florence Welch, Alexa Chung Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Lily Allen, Agyness Deyn, Sadie Frost, Mollie King and the Geldofs. "He's probably wiser and more clued up about things than me." Nick replaces Chris Moyles as host of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. His polarising appointment further kicks off when Grimmy says that Robbie Williams is "not relevant" to Radio 1's youngest listeners.At the time, Nick said: "I'm gonna have a tantrum because it's my favourite pop star. Sadie's just one of Grimmy's many London celebrity friends – who also include Kate Moss, Florence Welch, Rita Ora and Alexa Chung. He's a soapstar In 2013, Nick went on a 'soap-bombing' mission to appear in five different soaps – one each day – in order to make his mum Eileen proud.He ended up getting cameo roles on East Enders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Home and Away, but his best role was in Hollyoaks, where he got an actual speaking role, as the vicar for Diane and Tony's wedding. He rode a bike for 12 hours straight Grimmy completed a 12 hour bike ride for Sport Relief last year.Unfortunately, Educating Yorkshire's Mr Burton – who was holding the ceremony – was forced to awkwardly inform the presenter that he didn't get enough credits to achieve his BA degree, although he got an undergraduate diploma in higher education While Nick didn't seem too bothered about failing – seeing as he's now a national radio presenter – he admitted that his father wasn't going to be too chuffed about his failure.He said: "The only person that's going to be mad about this is my dad, he's going to be like genuinely furious, he's going to be so annoyed." 8.Grimshaw's meteoric rise continues, as he was confirmed earlier this week as a new judge on arguably TV's biggest show, Nicholas Peter Andrew Grimshaw is born at St Mary's Hospital in Moss Side, Manchester on August 14, 1984.His two older siblings are brother Adam and sister Jane. But my dad's from no money, no dad, the worst vibe.

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That all changed in July 2012 when he was announced as Chris Moyles's successor on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.Nick tells Digital Spy that he's happy to be called a "youth ambassador"."It would be good if Gordon Brown actually gave me that title. You see, as soon as I decide, I talk myself out of it."Grimmy defends his friendship with One Direction star Harry Styles, who is around ten years younger than him.If that wasn't enough, Grimmy is also releasing a clothing collection for Topman later this year, which means we're going to be seeing tons of men dressed exactly like him!via GIPHY It would be fair to say that, a couple of years ago, Grimmy was more well-known for being bezzies with Harry Styles than for his own career.

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